The Company

Đorđe Mihajlović, MSc, incorporated CARD&D d.o.o. in the year 2000, when he decided to independently offer the competencies and knowledge he had acquired to the market.

Since then, the company has executed numerous projects involving business valuations, ownership transactions, business restructuring, business financing, and others that do not fall directly into any of the four areas mentioned. Both manufacturing and service companies involved in various industries are among the portfolio of CARD&D d.o.o. clients, ranging from small, family-owned companies to well-established medium-sized export-oriented companies, as well as some Slovenian companies who are leaders in their sectors. In the course of its operation, the company has cooperated with various providers of legal, tax, accounting and other services and in this way established close relationships with experts in these fields whose expertise it can call upon, depending on the requirements of each project.

Đorđe Mihajlović

Đorđe Mihajlović, MSc has been leading CARD&D d.o.o. since the beginning.

For the successful implementation of projects to mutual satisfaction, he emphasises understanding the client’s needs and the requirements of each project, providing quality services based on appropriate professional competencies, and a mutually beneficial relationship. Đorđe Mihajlović is a certified business appraiser licensed by the Slovenian Institute of Auditors. He completed an MSc degree and an MBA in corporate finance and, prior to this, attained an engineering degree. Before establishing CARD&D d.o.o. he worked for an internationally managed venture capital fund and as a business analyst in an insurance company, as well as in various fields and positions, including a key account manager position, a sales engineer position in the field of investment equipment manufacturing and as a thermal energetics engineer. Since establishing CARD&D d.o.o., he has been acquiring, executing and leading projects in business valuation, ownership transactions, business restructuring, and business financing. On a few occasions, when working on restructuring projects, he assumed the role of president of the board, general manager or member of the board in charge of restructuring. Diverse experience derived not only from consulting work, but also from management and work in production and service companies, together with a multidisciplinary education, have enabled him to develop an excellent operational understanding of the functioning of a wide range of different companies. This makes him a highly competent and interesting interlocutor for members of management boards, the owners and members of the supervisory boards of bigger companies, for managers of the second level of management in these, as well as for owners who also run the operations of smaller companies.

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