Ownership transactions

Selling or buying a business or an ownership stake in a company usually turns out to be a rather complex undertaking. Small details in the preparation and performance thereof may have significant effects on the terms of the deal, including financially. A competent advisor can make important distinction regarding the deal terms or even the non-completion or completion of the deal. According to the choice of the client, we can provide support to sellers or buyers throughout the entire transaction procedure, in which case we assemble an entire team of professionals, or assist only in some segments of the procedure, as dictated by the client’s needs. Our main guidelines are based upon establishing the highest level of trust with the client and the performance of services in a way that maximises the client’s benefits within the given circumstances.

We command the competencies necessary to understand the strengths and weaknesses inherent to a company, as well as opportunities and threats in the external environment, and to understand the prevailing conditions in the company's industry and on the financial markets. We combine those competencies with our operational knowledge of sell and buy procedures and best practices in order to prepare and carry out the transaction under the optimal terms for our client.

Sell side
  • Business review / due diligence in order to assess the feasibility of the sale and reasonably achievable terms.
  • Valuation of the business or the ownership stake being sold.
  • Working out a selling strategy.
  • Preparation of sales documentation (business plan, financial forecasts, Teaser, Information Memorandum etc.).
  • Identification of prospective buyers.
  • Review and evaluation of received offers from the point of view of buyer’s eligibility, price offered, and other terms offered.
  • Buyer due diligence (financial potential, suitability according to other criteria).
  • Communication with prospective buyers.
  • Preparation of the data room, support to the seller during the due diligence process.
  • Support to the seller during final negotiations and closing of the transaction.
Buy side
  • Defining criteria for creating a portfolio of potential target companies.
  • Identification of suitable target companies and preparation of a preliminary target list.
  • Preliminary analysis of long list companies and narrowing the selection to a short list.
  • Setting up the price and other offer terms and preparation of non-binding offer.
  • Due diligence of the target company and preparation of the binding offer.
  • Support to the buyer during final negotiations and closing of the transaction.

"According to the needs of the client, we may provide support throughout the entire transaction procedure or only regarding some of the above-mentioned segments."

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