Business Financing

Ownership transactions, business development and business restructuring are usually related to the need for external financing in the form of debt, equity or some hybrid form. Regardless of the form involved, in order to successfully secure funding, it is of paramount importance that the project is fully thought-out, ready to meet the required conditions for the particular form of funding and well presented, all in a way that is compliant with the best practice standards. Because we have a very good understanding of the thought processes of the entities that provide the individual forms of funding, we can significantly contribute to the successful provision of funding under optimal conditions in given circumstances by properly structuring funding for each project, identifying the most appropriate sources and properly presenting projects and managing the process of the negotiations required to obtain funding. The main guidelines we pursue here are the establishment of trust both with the client and with the potential sources of financing and the performance of all services in strict compliance with the standards of best practices.

Knowledge of the operation of financial markets, understanding the thought processes and operation of their individual participants, combined with understanding what impact different forms and financial structures have on the financial results and value of the company, allow us to identify the appropriate forms and sources of financing for various purposes and on that basis effectively support our clients in securing the necessary funding.

Advice on the preparation or management in the preparation of quality business/investment documentation (business plan, financial forecasts, broken down to the operational level if necessary, other financial plans and analyses).

We identify sources of financing (non-bank and/or bank), present the project to those sources and advise on or participate in talks to secure financing.

Advice on the choice of financal structure (equity/debt/hybrid or combination).

We analyse and compare different financing offers, both from the point of view of the price and from the point of view of other terms and conditions, we propose the most suitable offer, and we advise on concluding the contracts and on final arrangements in financing.

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