CARD&D d.o.o. is a boutique provider of consulting services and project implementation in the field of corporate finance. Our job is to provide professional advice, quality solutions, and reliable implementation thereof, be it regarding business valuations, ownership transactions, business restructuring, business financing or a range of other areas of corporate finance.


Valuation professionals licensed by the Slovenian Institute of Auditors perform business valuations in accordance with International Valuation Standards for various purposes, such as ownership transactions, taxation, financial reporting, squeeze-outs, corporate restructuring etc.



In what usually turns out to be a rather complex undertaking with far reaching effects for everybody involved, including the target company itself, we provide support to either sellers or buyers throughout the entire transaction procedure or only in some segments thereof, in accordance with the client’s choice.



In restructuring cases, whether they are aimed at improving business results ‘only’ or at providing the changes necessary for ensuring the company’s a going concern, we provide professional answers and solutions, be it within informal out-of-court procedures or within formal procedures as stipulated by insolvency legislation.



Based upon the requirements and needs of the project in question and the current financial market situation, we provide advice regarding the most appropriate financial structure, help identify the specific sources, and assist towards the conclusion of the financing.



For our clients, we evaluate investment opportunities or investment plans, prepare benchmarking analysis, carry out independent business reviews for various purposes, prepare various financial models etc.


We are distinguished by our specialist competencies

Business Valuations
In depth knowledge of various approaches to business valuations and familiarity with International Valuation Standards, in combination with an understanding of what the value drivers of particular businesses are and how they are perceived by the market, enable us to prepare substantiated, reasonable valuations.
Ownership Transactions

Understanding of seller/buyer factors, target company factors, the current situation in the company’s industry and on the financial markets, influencing the feasibility of the transaction. Operational knowledge in selling/buying procedures and familiarity with best M&A practices.

Business Restructuring

The ability to identify external and internal factors that have resulted in difficulties, operational knowledge of the methodologies used for a structured approach to preparing restructuring activities, in-depth knowledge of insolvency procedures.

Business Financing

Knowledge of the functioning of financial markets and their various participants in combination with an understanding of how different structures of financing influence the operations, financial results, and value of the business.

We are distinguished by our specialist competencies.


While performing our job we focus, amongst other factors, on satisfaction and added-value creation for our clients. We provide our services in such a way that we speak of them with pride.

Added value

In our work, we are focused on impact and added value for the client.

Our guidelineS

We provide our services in such a way that we can be proud of them.

Personal approach

We are aware of the importance of a personal approach.

Common success

The success for our clients is also our success.

Please contact us for any further information

Please contact us for any further information